Head of Shipping

David Landgrebe

David Landgrebe assumed the position as Head of Shipping for operative management at DS Shipping. He has many years of experience in shipping. David Landgrebe held leading positions at HSH Nordbank, Peter Döhle and until 2017 he had held an executive board position at Ernst Russ AG. As Head of Shipping of Dr Peters Group, David Landgrebe will be responsible for the expansion of the operative shipping activities as well as the asset management. 



Director Technical Management

Marek Lipiec

Marek Lipiec was appointed managing director in 2013 at DS shipping. His field of duties include the technical management of the ships. He gathered experiences as captain on different ships until he became chief executive of a northern German shipping company. In 2009 he joined DS Tankers where he used his experiences as managing director for the DS Tankers fleet of vessels. In addition to this position Marek Lipiec was appointed as general manager for DS shipping.

Director Commercial Management

Martin-Philippe Ervens

Martin-Philippe Ervens has been Executive Director at DS shipping and is responsible for the commercial department.

Until he joined for Dr Peters Group in 2011, he worked as commercial manager with responsibility for employees in different companies of shipping, logistic and issuing houses. Furthermore,  in 2007 and 2008 he obtained a general master degree at the renowned St Gallen Management Institute. His field of work as managing director at DS shipping includes financials, controlling and crewing.